A downloadable Kreekakon for Windows

(NOTE: There are certain bugs we were unable to fix before the game jam deadline and we have tried our best to address the more potentially impactful ones in the "Known Bugs" section below)

Hey there punk! Wanna fight Sky Pirates while grinding along stone pillars like a badass? Then this is the game for you!

Help Colonel Manjaw take down the Sky Pirates! Fly around while leaving a stone trail behind you! Grind along it to charge your guns and take down your enemies!

Sky Rail Pirates was created for the UE4 Summer Game Jam 2018 using Unreal Engine 4


Linus "Traggey" Asplund - Art & Voice Acting
Yun-Shuo "Kreekakon" Cheng (鄭允碩) - Programming
Mattias "n0mi" Persson - Programming

All Sound Effects & Music except all voice acting and "Player Weapon Shooting" sound are from:

Font "Long Haired Freaky People" is from dafont.com

Gameplay Instructions
Can be played with Keyboard or any Controller

When flying you will leave a stone pillar trailing behind you. Your character can grind along this pillar by touching it. You are able to aim and fire your weapon when grinding. You can end a grind early by launching yourself off of it.

Keyboard Controls:
Movement - Hold down LEFT MOUSE BUTTON
Steering during Flight - Move MOUSE
Roll - Q & E
Aim (While Grinding) - Hold down RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON
Shoot (While Grinding) - LEFT MOUSE BUTTON while holding RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON
Launch off of a pillar mid-grind - LEFT MOUSE BUTTON
Pause Game - ESC or P

Controller Controls:

Movement - Hold down LEFT TRIGGER
Steering during Flight - Move LEFT THUMBSTICK
Aim (While Grinding) - Hold down RIGHT TRIGGER
Shoot (While Grinding) - LEFT TRIGGER while holding RIGHT TRIGGER
Launch off of a pillar mid-grind - LEFT TRIGGER
Pause Game - Start

Known Bugs

1. Sometimes the player will no longer be able to shoot while grinding. When this bug occurs, attempting to shoot while grinding will launch the player off of the pillar instead of shooting. If this issue occurs, pause the game and restart from checkpoint.

2. While aiming with your guns sometimes the target in your crosshair will sometimes not take damage which is indicated by a lack of a bullet impact sound (Targets which can be damaged are enemy ships and boss weakspots). If this happens try to shoot the target from a different angle or alter your character's angle on the currently grinded pillar using Q or E (LEFT and RIGHT SHOULDER on controller).

3. Overall jankiness (This is a feature - we promise)

Install instructions

Download and extract "TeamTimezone_SkyRailPirates.rar" to a location of your choice. The game can then be started by running "SkyRailPirates.exe"

Can only be played on Windows 64 bit systems.


TeamTimezone_SkyRailPirates.rar 113 MB

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