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Evil goo has taken over the city! The goo can possess objects which will then become enemies! Use their power against them by transforming objects into your weapons!

City of Goo was created for created for the UE4 Spring Game Jam 2018

Gameplay Instructions
Can be played with Keyboard or Xbox 360 Controller
Menu must be navigated with Mouse

Keyboard Controls:
Movement - Left & Right Arrow Keys
Jump - Spacebar
Shoot - Hold down A
Interact - S
Recall all allocated goo - D

Xbox 360 Controller Controls:
Movement - Left Thumbstick
Jump - A
Shoot - Right Trigger
Interact - B
Recall all allocated goo - Y

Install instructions

Extract the "TeamKreek_CityOfGoo.zip" file to any location you wish. Start the game by running the "KreekCityofGoo" .exe file in the "CityOfGoo" folder


TeamKreek_CityOfGoo.zip 132 MB

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