Post Jam Version 1 Uploaded!

Hello everyone! It's been a good while since the GMTK Game Jam 2020 has ended but we've finally pushed out our first post jam updated version of the game! Grab it now and enjoy!

Full list of changes compared to the jam version of include:

  • Replaced previous all-or-nothing level timer limit with a three star rating system. Players now have much more freedom to clear levels at their own pace if they wish and can aim for high star ratings if they want more of a challenge!
  • Completing a level now displays a popup showing the player's clear time compared against any previous existing fastest personal time on that level.
  • A Level Picker has been added to the main menu. Any level from the game can be chosen from this picker at any time. It will also display the player's best time and star rating for a level if they have cleared it prior.
  • Game will now save data for fastest clear times which persists even after reopening the game. Save data can be reset via the level picker if a player wishes for a clean slate.
  • Pause menu now includes a Skip Level function.
  • 4 extra levels for a total of 13 up from 9 compared to the jam version!
  • Altered level 2 to use trigger areas instead of a timer to activate button destruction. Level 2 was originally the only level to use a timer for button destruction so this has been changed to be consistent with the rest of the game which all use trigger areas for button destruction.
  • Moved a floor in level 3 near the goal slightly to be less frustrating to jump onto.
  • The starting position for the wire-grabbing hand has now been lowered slightly as to not block the demon's beautiful face with its original default spawn location!
  • Fixed a visual bug where swapped wires would continue to be highlighted even if the player was no longer hovering over them.

Download "" from the game files now and let us all know what you think of the game's post jam version!

Files 87 MB
Jul 28, 2020

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